4 Cylinder Camshafts

4 Cylinder Camshafts by D.O.A. Racing Engines


4 Cylinder Camshafts by D.O.A. Racing EnginesOur MR280 is designed for 20R heads using the shorter (.100) OEM 22R valves. While this affordable implement allows a larger valve advantage, it also reduces your maximum allowable lift to 405@valve. The MR280 is the most effective cam for this combination, allowing maximum torque gains, and affords the maximum safe lift to prevent spring bind, and retainer to guide seal contact.


For 22R carb’d motors we recommend the C284.


For RE and RTE motors we recommend the C270 cam for the best torque and broad horsepower range.

4 Cylinder Camshafts by D.O.A. Racing Engines
  • 20R – MR280 Camshaft – $185

  • 22R – C284 Camshaft – $185

  • 22RE/RTE – C270 Camshaft – $185

4 Cylinder Engine Spring Height
For those building their own motors we also have custom cams available for various specialty applications. Please call us to discuss your cam needs.

NOTE: It is the builder’s responsibility to calculate correct installed height, and valve retainer to guide clearance.

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