V6 Engines

3.0 V6 3VZE Engines by D.O.A. Racing Engines

3.0 Forged Steel Crankshafts

The factory 3.0L crankshaft is a cast piece. D.O.A. now has forged steel crankshafts for the 3.0L V6. We are the exclusive source for these brand new, Japanese-spec forged cranks.

  • Please call us for pricing and further information.

3.0 Full Timing Kit

All components in this kit are the best your hard earned dollars can buy! This kit is compiled to match the components, according to the production date of your vehicle, and you need only supply this date, which can be located on the drivers side door jamb.

  • 1988-1992 – $375.00

  • 1993-1995 – $500.00

Kits contain the following components:

  • Timing belt tensioner
  • Crank seal
  • T-stat gaskets
  • Center idler (between cam gears)
  • Water pump (specify 90* fitting for cooler)
  • Cam seals

3VZE Race Rods

These rods are formatted in either press pin, or full floater. These rods are the absolute strongest 3VZE rod you can buy, without going to a forged moly H-beam unit. They are the only choice for the individual racing a 3VZE in drag, desert, oval, or rally. They are magged, beam polished, peened, deep nitrided, resized to exact diameter, bushed (full floater appl.) hardened rod bolts, phased, weight matched, and have absolutely zero twist, or top to bottom bend.

  • 3VZE Race Rods, Set of 6 – $795.00

D.O.A. V6 Long Block Assemblies

D.O.A. Long Block Assemblies produce a broader hp & torque band than anybody’s! These long blocks come with a variety of options for race or street applications. We also offer an affordable solution to your tired 3VZE, a rebuild of your core, using absolute quality components.

3 year/36000 mile warranty included.

No core – engine prices are outright.

Balanced High Torque Short Block Assembly

  • 150 hp – $4,500

Balanced Severe Duty Short Block Assembly

  • 150 hp – $4,800

3VZE Rebuild

  • 175 hp – $4,650

DOA High Torque Long Block

  • 185 hp – $8,250 (210 ft. lbs. torque)

  • 205 hp – $8,650

  • 225 hp – $9,100

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