V6 Induction

V6 High Flow™ Throttle Bodies

V6 High Flow™ Throttle BodiesV6 High Flow™ Throttle Bodies
3VZE motors respond particularly well to these increased bore throttle bodies! Choose from 3-6 mm over to suit your needs. Does not require manifold modifications.

Send in your own core: 3 day turnaround upon receipt. For less down time, pay a $100 core charge with your order for quick shipment from our stock of increased bore throttle bodies.

NOTE: Core charges are refunded upon receipt of your complete and good condition throttle body.

3VZE Overbore T-Body – $350

V6 Injectors

V6 Injectors

Factory Injectors: Rebuilt/Balanced – $250

Lucas Injectors: 195 sat/low – $call

NOTE: Prices do not include shipping.

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