4 Cylinder Heads

4 Cylinder Heads by D.O.A. Racing Engines

4 Cylinder Heads by D.O.A. Racing EnginesThe cylinder head is the true heart of a high performance motor. At D.O.A. Racing Engines, we take pride in producing the best flowing, best quality Toyota heads available.

Our head porting is done in our shop, by hand. Unlike other shops, we DO NOT outsource our head porting!

Heads are available bare or turn key; turnkey prices subject to components used.

    Please call for prices and availability.

  • 20R (bare/ported)

  • 20R EFI (bare/ported)

  • 22R Open Chamber (bare/ported)

  • 22R Hybrid (bare/ported)

  • 22R/RE/RTE Closed Chamber (bare/ported)

Cylinder Head Porting by D.O.A. Racing Engines

We also offer porting of customer’s cylinder head core. Please call to discuss how we can port your head to meet your driving and/or power needs.

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